My name is Luciana Sottomayor,

I have a degree in Law and a postgraduate degree in Civil Law, but it was in the Goldsmith course, initially just a hobby, that I discovered my true vocation.

Goldsmith awakened my best memories and made my imagination navigate through different worlds. Shapes came to mind, gained paper and became my first creations.

At the same time that inspiration overflowed, I saw that the creative process needed to be accompanied by intense improvement. Design, art and gemology became part of a lot of study and my daily life.

Lu Sotto’s collections bring together all these ingredients, above all, an endless love for the awakening of the idea and the realization of art.

LuSotto Collections

Nostalgia Collection was created based on my childhood memories, when I played and dreamed about the world of jewelry. The pieces are produced in yellow gold plated silver, cut mother-ofpearl in the shape of flowers and rhodolites.

La Barroca Collection is inspired by the imperfections of baroque pearls and the beauty and exclusivity of Brazilian stones. Baroque pearls are like women, perfect and beautiful for their imperfections.
Their imperfections make them unique!

Amulets Collection is a collection inspired by magic and the belief in the divine power and symbology of amulets. Man’s desire, since the times of Ancient Egypt, to believe in the strength and power of objects and precious stones.

The Amulets collection brings in its composition lapis lazuli which is a gem that awakens our psychic abilities and activates our superior intuition. This stone harmonizes the mind and soul, promoting the balance of emotions and helps to get in touch with our spirit, accelerating our evolution.

In each collection, the choice of gems is made with much study, not only in their chemical composition and natural beauty, but also in their mystical meanings and their healing power.

LuSotto’s products

Silver 950
Yellow gold plated silver
Gold 18k and gold 14k

Earrings, rings, pendants, chokers, necklaces and bracelets.